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5 reasons why I won’t use social media

February 23rd, 2010
  1. I dislike transparency and would prefer to hide from my potential clients
  2. I would prefer to grow at a slower more manageable pace
  3. I think social media is just a fad and will not be around in a couple of years
  4. I have my own focus group and trust what we decide; we know what’s best for the consumer
  5. I cannot afford to spend any time or money on social networking

If you actually use these excuses to not get involved in Social Media, your business days are numbered.  The fact of the matter is that for as many reasons you or I can come up with to not get involved with social media, there are many more compelling reason to learn more about this new form of media and find out how to best utilize and harness its power to our advantage. » Read more: 5 reasons why I won’t use social media