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find balance in social media marketing – know about do’s and don’ts

March 30th, 2010

From YouTube to MySpace, Facebook to Twitter and beyond, shared media has taken communicating to a whole new level. Utilizing ‘social media’ for business purposes is a hot trend these days, one that we simply cannot ignore.  However, there are those who feel it is far too complicated or time consuming and shy away from Social Media. They know they need to ‘connect’ but do not understand the ins and outs and this way they are actually moving away from a whole new method of interacting with their would be audience and clients.

Once you understand its unique approach and that it’s not about hard sales, the rest is easy. Always remember that you need to be believable, dedicated, repetitive and valuable. Also, keep in mind that repetitive does not mean you need to spam the similar message to the whole world; rather it signifies that you should take some time out of your busy schedule regularly to interact.

Basic dos of social media to tee up your business for massive success

Do make use of future oriented approach: Using social media for business is an integral part of boosting the image and branding for your organization. A future oriented approach will assist you to carve a unique niche at the forefront of your industry. Whatever you publish on different social marketing sites must be tasteful and future oriented so that it cannot come back to haunt you or your business later on. » Read more: find balance in social media marketing – know about do’s and don’ts