2 positive stories on the impact of social media

March 2nd, 2010 by Frank Guzzo Leave a reply »

Two great stories came across my desk this morning.  Both very different and yet the same. They both spoke of Social Media and how creative one can be to reach their goals and build a brand or drive traffic and build a business.  In the first. It was about a 40 year old man who wanted to make a difference.  He created a nonprofit organization called 12for12k Challenge.  He was going to raise 12,000 dollars per month for twelve months for twelve different charities.  How did it work out?  Well I’ll let you read the full story but what I wanted to focus on was the fact that Danny Brown had a vision of what he wanted.  He had no budget to build this but he had determination and his vision to guide him.

He used the power of social media and not limiting himself to just twitter or facebook. He harnessed the power of video, blogging, ning and Viddler.  The end results speaks for itself.  Read the full story here written by Casey Hibbard at SocialMedia Examiner

The second story that came across my desk this morning although not as touching and heartfelt as this one about Danny Brown, but powerful none the less as it shows how businesses are using the power of social media.  In a study conducted by University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business of 500 businesses, it concluded that nearly one in five small business owners are integrating social media into their business processes and that 45% of those surveyed believed that their social media efforts will pay off financially in 12 months or less.

This is powerful mostly because I have had countless questions about the successes of social media and what to expect as far as ROI.  The chart below breaks down some of the statistics collected as part of the study. Read the full story by Jennifer Van Grove posted on Mashable.  Are you using Social Media to build your brand? If not, why not?

It is said that knowledge is power. It is only worth something if you use this knowledge to make create a positive change either for yourself or for others.  Social Media is a powerful tool that can have a positive impact on your business and brand. If you haven’t started using this effective tool you are missing countless opportunities to connect with your market.

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