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According to recent studies, Social Media although a growing trend is just in the beginning fazes of being accepted into the business world.  There are several articles and I’ve included links to a few that show that in spite of the value Social Media has and how it can benefit a business – Businesses are slow to respond.  Here are the top benefits of social media as reported by a survey conducted by Ad-ology (YouTube video)

50%: Generating Leads

45%: Keeping up with the industry

44%: Monitoring online conversations

38%: Finding vendors/suppliers

As you can see generating leads is the greatest benefit as report by business owners.

Another interesting fact; 39% of those surveyed said they did not plan to use social networking in their marketing plan in 2010.  This number is likely tied to the finding that 31% reported that their customers do not use social media, 29% stated they do not have enough time to devote to it and 21% said they do not know enough about social media.  This full article can be read here Social Media Examiner

Combine this with the report by ad-ology that shows that 28% of small businesses intend to use online video in 2010 and this represents an increase of over 75% from the previous year.  More than one third of those surveyed planned on using White Papers and e-articles to promote their business. There is much more in the report but the trend is obvious.  The good news is the business confidence is up from the previous year and business owners are going to invest more into marketing efforts this year and include Social Media as part of the overall strategy.

The greatest obstacles?  Lack of time and not enough understanding on how to make it work.  This is where we come in at Emerging Sales and SmartyVA. If you would like a free comprehensive proposal on what a social media campaign can do for you or if you want us to review your current strategy, let us know and we will ‘start the conversation’ with no obligation.

Frank Guzzo is the owner of Emerging Sales Success, a sales and marketing consulting company specializing in social media marketing and focused on building solutions for regional, national and international businesses alike. We keep up with trends, filter the noise and help companies like yours put social media to work.  To learn more about us, our services, and how you can use social media marketing to build your brand, contact us. Let’s start the conversation.


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